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Are There Any Differences Between Natural Diamonds And Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes. As such, people can pretty much find anything and everything they’re looking for when it comes to earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. Then again, if consumers can’t locate the things they want, there’s a good chance they can get in touch with a personalized jewelry maker to have it constructed. Materials these pieces are typically made of include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum

That’s not the only decision shoppers must make, though. They may want the jewelry to be visually appealing and stand out. That’s where diamonds come in handy. They’re beautiful and give any piece a touch of sophistication and class. But before you run right out to the store or order something online, did you know that there are different types of diamonds. It’s true, and they are called natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Now, the question is, “Are there any differences between them?”. That is definitely something you need to get the answer to before spending your hard-earned money on the purchase. So, stick around and read on to learn more.

Same Chemical Substance And More

Some people might find it hard to believe because of where the diamonds are grown, nature, or a lab, but the stones have the same chemical substance. Not only that, but lab-grown diamonds also have the same physical characteristics as their natural counterparts. In addition, you can rest easy after investing in one of these rocks because they are just like natural diamonds. In fact, the alternatives both receive the same shape, size, clarity, and color grades. 

The lab-grown pieces even receive certification through the same groups as natural diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). With all these similarities, why haven’t you gotten a lab-based diamond yet? Go ahead, contact us, and spoil yourself. You deserve it.

The Same Brilliance

As mentioned in the section above, natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are basically the same as far as looks are concerned. However, that isn’t necessarily always true. It isn’t until after lab-grown diamonds are cut and polished that they gain the same appearance as natural diamonds. Once all that good stuff happens, optical differences between the two kinds of stones are undetectable to the naked eye.

No Hurting The Earth

When natural diamonds are mined, the equipment and processes used cause pollution. The land and environment get disturbed. Not to mention, sometimes diamond mining displaces the local wildlife. That isn’t the case with lab-grown diamonds. They are created in a controlled environment that doesn’t hurt the planet. Therefore, if you’re attempting to live a green lifestyle these days, choose lab-grown diamond jewelry, if for nothing else, because it’s an eco-friendly solution that will mesh with your way of life nicely.

A Cheaper Option

One of the primary complaint’s consumers have about natural diamonds is their price. They often cost what feels like an arm and a leg. Buying these items can leave people feeling broke. That’s why many shoppers will search for cheaper alternatives. If saving is your primary goal, but you still want diamond jewelry, lab-grown diamonds are the way to go. They are just like natural diamonds in many ways, but how much they cost isn’t one of them. Thus, whether you want to buy an engagement ring, earrings, or something else, get them with lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds for an excellent deal.

How much savings are we talking about here? After all, if it’s only a couple of bucks, it probably won’t matter to you. But don’t worry, as this isn’t a waste of your time. Research shows that people can save between 30 and 50-percent choosing a lab-grown diamond over a natural diamond.

Ethical And Conflict-Free

There are regularly ethical concerns and conflicts surrounding natural diamond mining. Slavery, child labor, property theft, etc., can all take center stage when talking about the activity. That isn’t how things shake out with lab-grown diamond operations, though. They are 100-percent ethical and conflict-free. Hence, if you don’t want to have to worry about such issues, pick lab-grown diamond jewelry. Then, you’ll be able to find out exactly how, when, and where the diamonds were grown.

Some Last Words

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of the key differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds. These discrepancies all point to one thing, lab-grown diamond jewelry could be a better fit for you. They have the same brilliance as their natural counterparts. Plus, the lab alternatives have the same chemical makeup and physical attributes as natural diamonds. And what about the fact that lab-grown diamonds do not hurt the Earth, nor do they originate in places with ethical concerns and conflicts. Then, there’s also the whole matter of lab-grown diamonds being cheaper than natural diamonds. With all these things happening, why would anybody choose something different than lab-grown diamond jewelry?